Yup! Germany has struck again and for no fault of mine, my telecom provider, TOnline, decided to cut off my broadband DSL line and now will re-enable it ONLY if I go for a full year’s contract.

Injustice – ?? Hehe, just one of the many few I have had the experience of here… =)!

Anyhoo, getting me to appreciate the availability of net and getting used to the condition back home anyway… =)! Life’s strange…

So, IOW, </@> End of NET!

And yeah, I have been asking myself that question – Why me?? ;-)!

9 thoughts on “</@>

  1. @ PS: Tell me about it…

    @ Joe: =P! Hehehe, dont wanna get laid here, then my chances back in India are next to never.. =D! Taking a fresh breath filled with the wonderful smell of tobacco seems more like it. The best part about quitting smoking in Europe is that second hand smoking is always an option.

    Europe is a land of smokers… and nudists =P!

    And yeah, kinda… but lemme know what you want you big pot of hunky luuuvvv… =P!

  2. @ Guru: WHOA?!?!! ‘big pot of hunky luvvv’?!!!? for a minute there u got me. then i realised, hey doesn’t this guy have a girlfriend?

    p.s. then again, maybe he is bi.

  3. To set the record straight – I am straight! [I am getting enough spam as it is :P]

    @ Joe: Yup, shall do that.

    Btw, the PS comment wasn’t directed @ PS was it… =S!!

  4. you are gooad at reading between the line bro. however, now that i think of it, maybe subconsciously i meant that. what with his strange affinity to romantic chic flicks n all.

  5. What happened to the huuuuge blog that you had posted? Your landlady did bid your life to remove that? 😉 All the guys are coming from Tvm all the way for Iron Maiden, I’ve taken 10 tickets till now, 3 more I’ve to take, there is a shortage in Planet M now 🙁

  6. Nopes, not my landlady, some other factors. Will put that back up once I get my @$$ back to India.. Damn, damn damn damn!! I wanna watch Iron Maiden Boohoo!! =|!

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