When things go wrong…

…what do you do?

Of late, I have been wiring up myself to make sure that things go the right way and unfortunately, call it fate, call it timely (bad) coincidence, call it Murphy’s laws acting, or for the religious, call it divine intervention (or devilish intervention – for the Satan worshippers), things have always taken a turn for the worse…

This has caused a lot of irritation, frustration, panic, anxiety, and all related side effects. My hair density is the lowest in my life till now and I am still looking for that elusive gray hair. To further gray matters, my forehead is beginning to remind me of Cape of Good Hope, or something a little more towards home – Cape Comorin. Yeah skin’s taking over hair real esate.

So, today whilst biking aimlessly around the town, I had this realization – maybe I am taking the whole situation the wrong way. Maybe these are challenges in my life. I have never shied away from any challenge when it comes to that… So, why can’t I take all these things – not working the way they are supposed to, and turn them around to make them work for me. Don’t ask me when I have changed, but situations are something I am known for… Oh it happened to Pangu – now why doesn’t that surprise me =P!

So, here’s to getting back to normalcy – and life of hope and happiness and happily taking on crappy endings… Prost!

7 thoughts on “When things go wrong…

  1. i am on he same boat when it comes to hair. but i shamelessly deny the obvious and cover it all up by growing my hair long. atleast the post made me realize that i should be brave enough to state the obvious…i am growing bald too.


  2. Screw both of you!!! My hair is so blooody thin, I lose a good part of it on the bike ride to work every damn day!!


  3. =))! Welcome to the club – pals. I was talking about this with my sis. She’s doing her MBBS in TVM. Now, the thing is that males do lose a certain amount of hair between the age of 20 and 28. Remaining goes after 40 =P! [or sumin along those lines]!!

    But, I guess the best justification I have made up till now is this. Science has found that the human body is evolving and losing more hair. The uber human is supposed to be hairless. Consider evolution, monkey-chimp-ape-human-me. Hair has been receding… IOW, I am just at a higher state of evolution…


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