A small survey….

How many of you have home-pages? As in have a site that starts up when their favorite browser starts up? I am not including corporate intranet home-pages. But, otherwise. Could be anything – Google, Netvibes, My Y!, Windows Live! Anything….

Just drop in a comment with your home-page and a line or two as to why it rocks. You can have any number of home pages as well =)!


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5 thoughts on “A small survey….

  1. Interesting! How do you define a home page? Is it the first page(s) that you start as soon as you start the browser? If so, it’s Gmail then for me =D! I have a personalized Google Home Page, a Netvibes page, a Windows Live page. However all these were created just for the interest of finding out what the heck they were all about… =D!

  2. I like my Personalised Google page ‘cos pretty much everything I want to know once I go online is there. My RSS feeds, my Gmai notifications, sticky notes, feeds from CNN, Wired, Techdirt, my daily dose of Calvin and Hobbes, bookmarks, stock quotes…EVERYTHING!

    Had a Windows Live page too…but haven’t been there in ages!

  3. Hmmm… interesting… well not really. I still find it hard to use Google Home Page. I mean it’s tough having no keyboard shortcuts in Google Home Page =D!

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