Ma… Paa….

How did the word Amma, Mom, Mother, Maatha, Mummy and Appa, Pop, Father, Pita, Daddy come into being? Across the world, in very many languages in all probability the word for mother has “ma” associated with it and is part of the word. [Have no clue about Chinese and Japanese and other South East Asian languages =D]

Is it because that it’s the easiest to say??

I tried speaking like a baby [and also behaving like a baby to give authenticity to this claim]! I think [feel free to correct me] the easiest sound to produce by a baby is “aaaaa”… [as in arm]

And the easiest motion is to close and open the mouth! – Try it!

Now when you close the mouth, try to produce the same sound. It comes – Aaaaa – Mmmmm – aaaaaa …

Now when you close the mouth, stop producing the “aaa” sound. It comes – Aaaaa – Ppppppp (ause) – aaaa …

Maybe this is the reason why Ma and Pa are the easiest words!

I think I might need a break!

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