Raionalizing Religion…

How hard … is it to reconsider all that you know [well a good majority of what you know] once you have re-formed [or formed for the first time] an opinion?

To go through and consider all that you have learned in life till now, again because you realized that some of your choices, principles etc were just derived and not formed on your own?

Is it good that you have derived all your ideologies?

Is it ok that you have different ideologies?

Rationalizing is something that’s tough if you don’t decide to assume a lot of things.

Eg gravity. Unless you remember your physics and understand gravity, you shouldn’t believe in it. This attitude should percolate into everything and anything you do..

The same is the case for religion as well. Unless I assume the teachings of my forefathers, a lot of things have to be first searched for…

What’s the difference then? =/ and why do people consider the two of them to be mutually exclusive?

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4 thoughts on “Raionalizing Religion…

  1. No matter what we’re taught when we’re young, there comes a time we end up questioning it.

    IMO, it is impossible for ANY ‘rational’ mind to rationalize something such as religion…

  2. I am not assuming that any rational mind can rationalize religion, but as to why we are considering them mutually exclusive!! I mean, the principles are the sayings are pretty much the same. Philosophy radically differs. However you see that even in the scientific world

    Big Bang vs Continuous Development

    Quantum Mechanics vs Gravitational Mechanics

    Einsteinian philosophy vs Newtonian and many more!

    So, when there’s so much similarity in structure, is the drift only because of the similarity? I mean most of the religions fail to co-exist. Could that be the reason as to why science and religion don’t tend to go hand in hand as well – the similarity itself?

  3. “Could that be the reason as to why science and religion don’t tend to go hand in hand as well – the similarity itself?’

    You my friend, have given me food for thought the entire day!

    Since I’m more of an absurdist, I’m always open to explanations that agree with logic. See, the great thing about science is that it can always be proved or disproved (else they become simply theories)…but religion on the other hand cannot be proved or disproved…hence religion CANNOT be rationalised. It is this that makes the 2 mutually exclusive.

  4. hence religion CANNOT be rationalised.

    A highly rational approach don’t you think? That’s where I think probably religion might differ. There’s no definite [well at least in the philosophy that I kinda follow as mentioned in religion]. What you want is definite and at the same time indefinite. When your realize this perfect blend of chaos in perfect harmony and perfect harmony in utter chaos, that’s the point of salvation and ultimate realization!

    And any further thoughts on the first part – the similarity =D!

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