Talk about service….

Call back service – Yup, punch in your phone number into the customer service centre online and in < 2 minutes, they call you back and an executive is talking to you!

Ok, I don’t know about you guys, but that blew me away =)!

This is from the DKV – Deutsche Krankenversicherung – which translated would mean German Medical Insurance. They are Germany’s biggest medical insurance company – or so I was told. I have a toothache that’s killing me and I read in my contract that only 50% of my dental treatment bills are covered.

To confirm what can I do (or not do), I went to their website to find a hot line number, which I can call and wait for sometime (a LONG time) and spend 0.12 Euro cents a minute [ .|. u Tonline]. However, this was not only a surprise but an amazing one coz they took less than 2 minutes to call me back on the number that I had punched in to the website.

Amazing – yup I think so =). It brought a smile to my face [and increased my tooth ache for an instant].

However, my happiness was limited. After this, I had to face the fact that being Easter Monday [a holiday across Europe], dentists are on vacation and there are no emergency dentists, but only an emergency general medicine practitioner =|!

Yup, I know! So, I am still nursing my terrible teeth and worsening throat infection =|! Yeah Easter hols kinda sucked =|!

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2 thoughts on “Talk about service….

  1. funny!i’ve been having tooth ache n’ throat infection since day before yest…maybe v’r connected by some invisible force…naaa maybe its jus the wisdom teeth coming…sigh!


  2. =|! Toothaches and infections apparently manifest themselves as various other symptoms in the body! Right now the swelling as a result of the tooth ache seems to be passing over across the face. I _need_ to get to a dentist / doctor +vely today =(!


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