India’s first commercial rocket – a success

I remember being highly into the Indian Space Program as a kid. Well, had my dad as a rocket scientist to my advantage, however, one of his dreams @ that point was to enable the Indian Space Program as a world class leader in commercial satellite launches and well, here’s one of his dreams come true =)!

PSLV – with 4 development launches – and 2 failures if I remember right, has finally lifted off as a commercial success!

Here’s to the Indian Space Research Organization – at least some tax money went well!!

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5 thoughts on “India’s first commercial rocket – a success

  1. 🙂 Well bro ,this was PSLV’s 9 consecutive successful liftoffs, with a total of 11 flights. Only the 2nd flight was a failure. Development launches were long back 🙂 .. It is being called a commercial launch because we earned money from a foriegn entity to launch their satellite. Till now, we were just launching our own satelllites… 🙂


  2. Oye! I knew that…

    Thought there were 2 failures tho! =|! I know D launches were long back. I remember them from long back jackass!!

    And yeah I know why it was called a commercial launch as well. However, we have taken one more satellite before for another country.. =P!


  3. Damn…it’s heartening to know that ou still follow India related news from there.

    Ok…not…heartening but I’m wondering if I’d do the same…


  4. You will realize it soon that you follow more of Indian news when you are outside India =P! Hehe, moreover with feeds, comon it’s so easy to follow what’s going on that it’s criminal if you don’t ;-)!

    Any auto backlashes yet?


  5. No dude…I’m wondering if I’d do it again. A lot of things added to the fury aka The Rage that day. Rain, no net, work etc…and I guess it was a one time thing…it better be!


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