India’s first commercial rocket – a success

I remember being highly into the Indian Space Program as a kid. Well, had my dad as a rocket scientist to my advantage, however, one of his dreams @ that point was to enable the Indian Space Program as a world class leader in commercial satellite launches and well, here’s one of his dreams come true =)!

PSLV – with 4 development launches – and 2 failures if I remember right, has finally lifted off as a commercial success!

Here’s to the Indian Space Research Organization – at least some tax money went well!!

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5 thoughts on “India’s first commercial rocket – a success

  1. 🙂 Well bro ,this was PSLV’s 9 consecutive successful liftoffs, with a total of 11 flights. Only the 2nd flight was a failure. Development launches were long back 🙂 .. It is being called a commercial launch because we earned money from a foriegn entity to launch their satellite. Till now, we were just launching our own satelllites… 🙂

  2. Oye! I knew that…

    Thought there were 2 failures tho! =|! I know D launches were long back. I remember them from long back jackass!!

    And yeah I know why it was called a commercial launch as well. However, we have taken one more satellite before for another country.. =P!

  3. You will realize it soon that you follow more of Indian news when you are outside India =P! Hehe, moreover with feeds, comon it’s so easy to follow what’s going on that it’s criminal if you don’t ;-)!

    Any auto backlashes yet?

  4. No dude…I’m wondering if I’d do it again. A lot of things added to the fury aka The Rage that day. Rain, no net, work etc…and I guess it was a one time thing…it better be!

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