That’s Nitin on the lead guitar, Mithun on the drums. Dunno the singer/bassist and don’t wanna hazard a guess.Check out the leads towards the middle of the song. It’s definitely interesting =D! 

4 thoughts on “Swatchamaya…

  1. Not bad man…but I must say the band must’ve listened to a LOT of MLTR in their school days (not unlike moi).

    Also, why does the girl have a constipated look on her face?


  2. Let’s not get in2 the video, coz I think there’s a lot more work left to be done there.. However, the song has, well at least the music was kinda nice, especially towards the middle and the lead. Of course these guys are the biggest metal heads you will see btw. We used to play together quite often and the guitarist was almost the guru for us =)!

    They have another band called Rage. =)!


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