Time to head back…

Yup, a year is almost down and the final week has begun. Another chapter in life staying in Germany is coming to a close. It is definitely filled with pages, most of which involved learning – learning about life, about work, about people. It involved growing and finding out what is important to me – people, work, other things =D!

And thus I am heading back to Bangalore, to continue life from there. =)! There are a lot of things to look forward to, completing an added dimension to my life, and picking up traces of a life =P!

There are so many things to do. And there are so many things that I am dreading =D!

Yup, life sure is fun =)!

4 thoughts on “Time to head back…

  1. wow .. so its been a year huh. maybe we could met up sometime 🙂 I am not in bang but plan to drop by sometime soon. P.S have you figured out that WordPress Domain thing yet ? I forgot to blog about it

  2. Nopes dude.. not yet. However intend to do that once i get back to India anyway so chillax =)! We should defi meet up!! I will be coming to chennai often as well :D!!

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