Power of affirmations…

I read about the power of affirmations years ago, in a book by Catherine Ponder, a Unity Church minister. She suggested adding these words to every affirmation: “In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all.” – Marc Allen Interview

The interview is peppered with good quotes. It is one of the best sources of motivation that I came across.

P.S. I also tried the “power of affirmations” and trust me – it works!! =)!

3 thoughts on “Power of affirmations…

  1. Yes, these affirmations really do pack a punch if used right. A salesman friend has a poster these words on the ceiling (right above his bed): “I’ll hit the quota today!!” Imagine the pitch he can think of a minute after opening his eyes…
    I got positive affirmations, please click here.


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