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18+ social networks, Flickr, Zoomr, Picasa, GMail, the list goes on. If you are like me and have decent cyber-social life (apart from a real-social life), then there is a very good chance that you lose track of what your friends are up2 among these networks…

In comes Spokeo to the rescue. They will take your email address and search for your contacts across the very many networks which are spread across the cyberspace and give you an update anytime, there’s an update on your friends across these networks!!

The folks @ Spokeo have done an impressive job. Their list of supported networks is impressive, covering the basic social networks, Flickr, Youtube, the new Friendster and the list continues!! All you do is register with a valid email address from GMail, Yahoo or the likes and in a very little amount of time, Spokeo finds out where your friends have registered themselves and give you an update on their actions!

One of the coolest things about the site is that you can keep browsing through the website, learning its features, while Spokeo does its thing of searching for your friends’ activities in the background. The site is very responsive and is really well setup as far as the layout is concerned. It’s decently intuitive!!

The positives:
+ Excellent setup method
+ Intuitive interface
+ Easy sorting
+ Will help you shave off some browsing time going through each of the networks and addresses
+ Doubles up as an RSS reader

The negatives:
– Conspicuously misses orkut and del.icio.us

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