Apple after-sales Service: Still a myth in India

I bought an Apple MacBook in the first week of November. Yes, I had timed it so that it’s after Leopard is launched. I had timed it so that I could get the new X3100 on the laptop. However, Apple India (and according to Apple India, so does Apple Asia) magically lacks behind its <insert country here> counterparts.

India (and Asia) had not updated to the latest revisions (despite showcasing it in their website). The machines didn’t come with Leopard. I had inquired regarding the same, and I was promised @ the Apple store that I will receive my Leopard update DVD immediately after the 15th of November.

It’s been a month since and I still have not received my Leopard update DVD! Frustrated of talking to the store, I contacted Apple directly to be notified that the Leopard update division in India work only from 11am to 2pm and that I should contact them tomorrow.

I dunno what’s going on, but I am not too happy being in the Apple family all of a sudden!! =(!

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2 thoughts on “Apple after-sales Service: Still a myth in India

  1. Sorrry to state that your publicity concerning deliveries is grossly misleading.

    My order on Aug. 17th is scheduled for delivery on Aug. 29th !!!


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