MacBook Air!

And while the skeptics wondered, if Apple would indeed name one product in their notebook lines – Air, Apple has decided to call their latest “thinnovation” – MacBook Air. Check it out!! Yet another gadget to drool over!Like an uber geek, I followed Stevenote till the end ;-)! And well, sadly there was no “one more thing” this year.. And what happened to the Leopard update? I just see an iTunes update (supporting movie rentals now and a related iMovie and Front Row update) *sigh*!When’s my cat getting its bath? 

3 thoughts on “MacBook Air!

  1. Hehehe…

    Comon man. The MacBook Air doesn’t cater to our needs, however, it still is a frickin’ awesome piece of a gadget. In fact, for staunch road-warrior bloggers, I think it’s awesome!

    Anyhoo, word’s out that MacBook Pros with Penryns and multi-touch track pads are on ze horizon!! Willing to wait or gonna hit it with Dell?

    P.S. Leopard makes your day dude, think about it ;-)!


  2. mmmmm I have waited 4 months 😦 I can’t wait any longer I need a Lappy very badly. Anyways lets see. The Xps 1530 I want doesn’t have a LED back lit screen yet only the US models have so waiting for that hopefully Apple comes out with something before that. I am so pissed


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