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Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine fame rants about metered internet and how it’s a bad thing. I guess it’s a good thing India really doesn’t hold something where in a lot of “liveblogs” or “web-surfing” needs to be done. Unlimited net speed comes at a premium of INR 1000 ($ 25 that is) and 256kbps for unlimited bandwidth. *sigh*P.S. a 6Mbps connection in Germany with unlimited bandwidth costs 50.00 Euros (with a 1 year telephone and data  contract) from T-Com. Consequently, metered internet is undoubtedly a hotel characteristic. =DHamaara Number Aayega 😉 

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  1. You know what? Broadband in Australia sucks. I’m paying about 60$ (~2000Rs) for a 1 Mbps connection. But then again, considering my experience with Sify….anything is an improvement. 🙂

  2. @ Baphie: Well, the fact is that there’s broadband aplenty, however, it rests with the major cable and broadcasting companies in the US and is being used very conservatively. So, yup, it is an artificial increase in prices.

    @ PS: Hehe, I think it’s only in the US now that bandwidth is so freely available. However, there’s another thing… I think the US cable and phone companies are waking up to the fact that people across the world are charging a lot more for internet connectivity and they want in!

    Btw, I think in places like Korea, Japan, Sweden etc also internet speeds are phenomenal :D!

  3. Internet is damn expensive for the speeds the provide at least.. hope the prices come down like our mobile rates!

    PS: I wouldnt suggest metred internet in India.. auto guys will quit driving autos (cos of NANO of course) and go around installing rigged metres.. kiddin of course…. I understand the metering is done online!

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