There are a lot of things happening in life right now. Some realizations, opportunities, decisions to be made, life-changing ones at that, most importantly something that affects quite a few people.

I have an admit from Thunderbird School of Global Management. The financial decisions made my the school will be notified in a couple of week’s time. Thunderbird’s admit gives even more credibility to my theory of an impromptu life.

The decisions that I have made and acted upon impromptu have always worked out better for me than the planned decisions in my life. I don’t have a valid reason for why this happens.

More as things progress…

Oh yeah, the Regional Passport Office in Bangalore is terrible. The process of renewing your passport is so cumbersome here that I suggest anyone who has to renew their passport go to another country and do it. It’s a lot better than getting it done in India!!

*Sigh*!! When are these morons going to learn to make the system better for their citizens?

5 thoughts on “Life…

  1. “The decisions that I have made and acted upon impromptu have always worked out better for me than the planned decisions in my life.” Amen bro.

    I went through a similar ordeal when renewing my passport. The address from which I had applied for my original passport had been vacated, I was staying in lodge near my college, and my permanent address was in another state. You can imagine the hell when they ask you to prove your residence.

    And congrats for the admit. So what’s the next plan?


  2. Well, the plan is to wait till Thunderbird gives out its schol results. that’s about next week! Other than that, Monday, I am trying to get all the necessary address proofs for the house here and I am changing my permanent address!

    Hell, here I come :-)!

    How’s work life and have you moved out of your parents yet?


  3. Good luck with the passports office.

    Work is good. Its only been a couple of weeks. Havent got the first paycheck yet. And I am still staying with the parents. It looks like I will be here for a while. Need to save up n stuff. and withe the economy as it is, it makes more sense to save as much as possible.


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