A Reinstall Later…

Of late, OS X just didn’t work on my MacBook. The keyboard used to stop responding and only the applications currently running used to respond. No Application used to launch. I tried going through many forums, but in vain. The problem was unique and from my Windows experience, I did what I think would work best – REINSTALL.
Well, I was dreading the fact that I would have to reinstall everything from scratch and well even more worried that some of the applications, which came bundled would be a pain to port to Leopard, considering that I got a Tiger DVD with the laptop.
However, much to my surprise, the whole process was a breeze. I reinstalled Leopard from scratch on the MacBook. OS X itself took about 20 minutes to install. Another 10-15 minutes for the bundled package of iLife and iWork and Office from the original set of DVDs. Pack it up with software updates that I had already downloaded off the net (else it’s going to take a humongous amount of time, considering the speeds of broad band in India).
The process started yesterday evening and with Time Machine backups (yeah I regularly backed up my Mac), the transition is done and I am back to working and with 100% efficiency. No late night sleep loss, no need to sit and install every single driver for every single component in the computer and most importantly, I am not back to the same problem that I wanted to get rid off.
There are somethings that Mac OS X does right, but at the same time, like the problem I faced earlier, when things take a bad turn, they are going down the wrong wrong wrong lane!!

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