I am officially a T-bird

Today, I accepted Thunderbird’s invitation to join them for the Fall 2008 session with a 50% tuition waiver. They have acknowledged my response and my booking of seat and I am officially a T-bird!!

9 thoughts on “I am officially a T-bird

  1. hey pangu
    arent u transmigration material???
    i happen to kno abin and venu…. then heard of a certain metalhead pangu frm shameer who was supposedly in a metal band frm sct…. and lo i remembered u frm the stories abin has mentioned bout ur transmigration episodes 😀

  2. @George Mathew: Your reports are right. I am the same person, the same metal head named Pangu!! I can’t seem to place you man! How do you know Abi, Venu and Shameer? :-D!

  3. well 1. am frm trivandrum
    2. shameer thru cat related stuff
    3. abin and venu cause i am a metal head and a wannabe guitarist 😀
    4. not much chance of u personally knowin me so dont bother tryin to place me…. even i dunno u personally… just kno who u are and kno some interesting stories bout ur band days 😀

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