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First off, hats off to Gunds for an awesome post-title. As of now, I will just take up the tag!

1) How comfortable are you in staying friends with an ex?
Well, depends on the ex?? 😛 Ok, jokes aside, I honestly believe that it depends on the way things ended. If the end was because there was a trust factor that was tarnished, then I believe that the person who breached the trust factor must take a real strong initiative to get things right. If everything went just fine, and it’s a realization from one or the other that it is just not working – for whatever reasons and the parties have been honest to each other, I have no qualms in maintaining a platonic relationship with the Ex. There’s also a comfort zone that cannot be breached btw. :P!

2) Is wanting to be friends a step towards wanting to get back together again? Is it possible to stay platonic after all this?
A relationship is the highest level of friendship! Well, at least a relationship that is not just based on the second head :P! Consequently, any relationship, if it falls apart has all the potential to be remain platonic, provided the people involved are well, mature and determined =)!

Now, mature, because it can be platonic, if and only if, both parties want to remain friends. This requires an understanding and mutual acceptance of why the relationship had to end. If any of the parties feel wronged, then there goes your initiative :P!

Determination in both the parties have to be across the purview of character. As in, if they are maintaining a platonic relationship, there will be chances, possibilities where in they might have an inkling to be closer, physically. The only way this will be thwarted is if both parties are determined to strictly maintain it as a platonic relationship :P! Else, one of them will feel wronged and the cycle is in motion!!

3) If you were in a stable relationship and your partner was in touch with his/her ex,how would you feel about it?
Well, honestly, that depends on the partner and their ex! Ideally, it shouldn’t really matter. Of course, awkward conversations would trickle in :P! However, it depends on the maturity of the relationship. If u consider me, I would be initially wary of it, yet trying to keep an open mind. The minute, I realize that my partner would withhold any discussions b/w ex and herself from me, I mite increase my wariness. It’s a tricky situation at best. I would want the partner to be my friend and even within friends, there’s a best friend. Ideally the best friend should be me and any time that’s jeopardized, it’s up to them partners to resolve the situation else it can get really tricky :P!

So far, so good. I might edit this post in a bit to make it sound better. But as of now, the objective is to keep churning posts ;-)!

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  1. Totally agree with you on the “it all depends on how a relationship ended” part! Dunno how i missed out on it 🙂
    Nice post 😀 finally,a post 😛

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