What do I really want to do?

As I am in the brink of entering my Bschool premises, there’s one question that keeps nagging me. What do I want to do? There might be many who relate with me, and many who are thinking – whoa, what the heck was he thinking till now?

Well, I personally have both the thoughts running in my head. On one side, I am thinking this is exactly where I pictured myself. Going to a top Bschool after working for 3 years in an industry that I loved working in and going to hone my “managerial / entrepreunerial / financial / marketing” skills that I shall utilize to gather an awesome job (dunno what yet) and then lead my life.

On the flip side, I think, if I did enjoy doing what I did, why didn’t I pursue it further?

The answers are at best complicated, but the truth is that there are no answers. A lot of rationalizations come to mind, but I end up realizing that they are rationalizations and decide to ignore the long drawn explanations.

Truth be told, I am looking forward to the experience. Interacting (read getting drunk) with really interesting people definitely sounds awesome. So here’s to the next 20 months of awesomeness *hic*!!

5 thoughts on “What do I really want to do?

  1. @Guru
    I wouldn’t second guess your choice. It’s all about experience. Besides the Industry will still be there when you get back, whereas the ability/interest to study vanishes quite soon(for most people)

  2. While you are mostly right, I believe that when you actually enter a Bschool, you should have the necessary maturity that it demands and you need sufficient experience to really appreciate what they would be talking about!!

    So yeah doubts definitely still linger :P!

  3. Hi pangu,

    All the best for whenever and wherever u see and read this…enjoy….u will get a new view at how the world is in such a sorry state it is now…..Bon Voyage…

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