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Nokia Care has been horrible for me. I first gave my phone with the following complaint – the person on the other side of the line stopped hearing me speak – on 28/June/2008 @ Samvradhi technologies, Bangalore, under the care of one Ms Varsha. About 4 weeks went by with them not even replying when I went to the station and realized that the phone had the same problem. As I had to move to Chennai, as part of travelling to the USA, I had to collect the phone, paying my own money to collect it from Bangalore head office, an HCL in Infantry Road and bring it to Chennai. The phone was not repaired, however they had determined that they cannot repair it. I had gotten this written down and presented the phone at Matrix technologies, Venkatanarayana Road, Chennai. They again faced the same dillemma. At the time of handing over my handset, I had clearly mentioned that I would be leaving the country on 11-August-2008, and had told them the decision which the Bangalore HCL/Head office had come to. Unfortunately, they paid no heed to my words and decided to repair the hand set again. I handed over the handset on 21-July-2008. Again, the cycle continued and I am forced to write this mail to Nokia today as I would be leaving the country and the phone is still under repair.

I bought a Nokia E series as it claimed that it provided a robust phone and superior service. Well both proved futile. At this point, all I can say is that I would never recommend it to anyone to buy a Nokia phone. Moreover, I will ENSURE that this is going to the papers. This is just to notify Nokia of the inferior service and terrible customer support that they have provided.

All the people involved and who had just talked their way – Ms Varsha @ Samvradhi technologies and Mr Ethiraj @ chennai Head office. They have been fooling the customers and not taking their word, considering them as morons and treating them so as well. The fact that Nokia makes good phones just ends up in waste if they have such people representing them. I just hope other people don’t have the same fate, as I will ensure that not a single person I know would end up buying a Nokia phone!

Renganathan Ramamoorthy

So people beware of Mr Ethiraj – Ph #: +91 9362847780
Ms Varsha @ Samvradhi Technologies, Koramangala, Bangalore
Matrix, Venkatanarayana Road, Chennai 600033

One thought on “Nokia service centres

  1. I have the same issue with my E51 hand set.

    My hand set is in nokia center since 11th Nov 2008 & 4 times repaired & they didn’t find any issue on it so now thay told me they are returning back it without repaired.

    I have problem with camera (Green view in camera).

    Nokia is good for nothing.

    Don’t buy any nokia phone, becz you’ll not get proper service.

    Vipul SInghania
    New Delhi

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