A glimpse of the past…

There are many things that you learn in your childhood days. Some stay with you as a habit and some you lose. However, given that they have been something you worked hard on, they eventually crop up when you need them. I had one of those moments today.

I used to enjoy remembering things during school. Once I entered college though as I moved from things that I had to try to remember, to things that I wanted to remember, my style changed from analyzing the text and developing mnemonics to associations and just “getting it.” Thankfully, it is still the case as long as it comes to anything related to Math. However, I am facing tremendous challenges for understanding and remembering “data”.

I realize that in this day and age where connection rules supreme, the process of remembering data almost seems like time not well spent. (Un)fortunately, the exam that I am facing tomorrow does require me to remember oodles of “data” from time periods to details regarding council and constitutional information on Europe. While going through my notes and the reading material, I had a flashback to how I used to ace my history exams. I used to get the whole syllabus in front of me, and I started from the beginning all the way through the end. I used to read, take notes and I remembered the information not only for the test, but for most of life.

How do *you* remember information and data for the rest of your life?

One thought on “A glimpse of the past…

  1. Wow, so you actually remembered so much in your school days? I was trying to remember my school days after I read your post and this memory came to light where it felt like I knew everything but everything would go out of focus just as I put pen to paper during the exam. The biggest hurdle was because I couldn’t continue of I didn’t remember one particular sentence somewhere in the middle of the answer:( As I grow older, I find it increasingly hard to remember things, like the other day when I out jewellery under a dresser to hide it when I was out of town and then spent four hours yesterday searching for it!!! Very Tough!

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