Google Wave: Marketed to perfection

Harini Saladi mentioned something in passing today

Google needs to be commented commended on how well they have marketed Google Wave to the geeks. They have done a tremendous job in positioning themselves properly.

I completely agree with her. I think Google has done a phenomenal job in marketing Wave to the geeks, who by and large would be the early adopters of such a technology.

The wave is a paradigm shifting technology. The early adopters have mixed reviews of the same, which is to be expected. More than the product, what really fascinates me is how Google has managed to generate, manipulate and manage the hype around Wave. They have reused a gimmick they learned from GMail and used it in perfection with Wave – create exclusivity.

Exclusivity mixed with cool new technology from Google makes for a potent marketing mix raising hype and buzz to astronomical proportions. The reasons are evident. It’s been trending consistently high in twitterverse and the blogverse.

Kudos on an amazing campaign Google.

8 thoughts on “Google Wave: Marketed to perfection

  1. Hey, I didn’t mention it in passing, we discussed it at length 😛

    And correction in the quote – shouldn’t “commented” be “commended”? 😛

  2. Lol. Harini stealing Pangu’s thunder 😛

    Btw did any of you manage to nab an invite?

  3. Nope. Both of us are still begging everyone we know + random strangers on Twitter, FB and everywhere else for an invite!

    P.S – I’m not ignoring you 😛

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