Gizmodo and the reaction of the tech-gurus

I am a bit shocked at how much flak Gizmodo has received of late. Especially for the fact that they have paid to get the test model of the iPhone 4G from someone who claims to have “found” the phone in a bar.

I do not condone Gizmodo ratting out the poor Apple dev, who would have already been going through a turmoil, if not facing the Jobs wrath already. However, I am still appalled at how the tech gurus and journalists are lashing at them for paying to obtain the device or publishing the information for the Internet.

Especially when those same tech-gurus are on the lookout to break exactly such information to the public. Now, I agree that speculation about the iPhone and tips from the sources add to the magic of expecting new devices. However, I personally feel that this is a case of sour-grapes.

The usual tech journalists who get the dish on what’s happening inside Cupertino were over run by kids who acted on an opportunity. That Apple declared the phone stolen was *not* known until later. However, I ask the question that what if these people who lashed out against Gizmodo received the gadget. Would they have NOT published the information?

I am not too sure about that.