The people you work with

We are all people people. Let me explain.

Most people who work in organizations and have a “job” work with other people in that organization. The 33%+ of your normal day and 50%+ of your conscious day is usually spent interacting with other fellow human beings who subscribe to the same club and get similar benefits.

Hence, the people you work with make or break the experience for you. It becomes very important that you have a chance to interact in detail with the people who you are going to dedicate 50%+ of your day.

My personal motivations are mutual respect, and acting as a reservoir of support. Everybody can do wonderful things when there’s belief and support. If the team decides to focus on the job as a collective whole (which is definitely possible) and delegates work based on the strengths and weaknesses of the group, it would be a cohesive whole that truly achieves economies of scope, scale, value, time and everything else towards realizing those goals.

So, get to know the people who you will work with. It will make your experience that much richer, fulfilling and a pleasure.

Good luck.

P.S. I have had the tremendous fortune of working with some amazing people in my experience at Siemens and through Thunderbird. And things are certainly looking up for my next experience beginning in about a month. 🙂