5 years…

5 years ago to this day, a moment changed my life forever.

For the better.

You walked from the airport and I was initially surprised at your height. You always looked taller in your pictures. Your first name belied your last name. And your height and gait belied your taste preferences. And your persona belied your courage to take action.

But here we are..

5 years of ups, downs, sideways. Dullness, Excitement, Boredom and Adventure. Sleeplessness, Snores, Mumbles and Tumbles.

We are a mixed bag of opposites.

I love music at all times. You like to play it in your head. I love my southern roots and you are a global citizen. I am a staunch vegetarian (aka paunch vegetarian) and you’re a “free spirit” when it comes to your food. I am an extrovert who loves his alone time and you’re the introvert who loves her couple time.

I don’t have many things to give you on our 5th anniversary, but only my word that I treasure every single laugh, and tear that I share with you. Every time you are clingy and every time you need your alone time. Every plan that works and those that don’t. Every time you wanted me to go to the mall with you to “look at clothes.” (Ok, that I am not a big fan of).

And I promise and am confident that I’ll continue to treasure the rest of our life together.

As cheesy as it sounds, you’re missed sorely when you are not near and yet I fail to appreciate all the time I do have with you.

I love you and thank you for loving me back.

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