Nobody is perfect and it is ok!

I am a Mac user, nee Apple products user.

I use a Mac as my portable computer (Ok, please drop those scythes). I have owned almost every iOS device since release save for the iPhone 3GS and I really like using them.

This does not mean that I don’t appreciate other devices or even acknowledge some of their fortes.

Nobody is perfect. This specifically also goes for corporations, considering how they are almost the equivalent of citizens in the US.

But it is ok. Acknowledging and striving to improve is the best thing that should come out of this.

In this world of hyper competition, every one wants to be the winner. Winner of the tablet market. Winner of the mobile market. This also gives rise to weird market nomenclatures where MBA folks (yes, people like yours truly) conceive names like Ultrabooks market with the sole purpose to “win” in the market.

Companies and people need to set their objectives better. In fact, the purpose of a company is to solve something as a cohesive whole so that the sum of the parts truly make something earth shattering for the people of this world to live better. (Yes, I am still a romantic at heart.)

We can still change. People, companies, everyone to make life better. Nobody needs to win as long as people commit to their belief, be willing to learn from their mistakes and have a goal of making life better while making money.