Humor – And the next generation of program services.

The analysis of humour is funny in and of itself.

I watch a lot of television and cinema. What I watch ranges thew whole gamut of available and created genres. The following lines specifically concern TV shows and humour.

There is a well perceived difference between popular American humour and their cousins from across the pond. It is almost the same as 80’s and 90’s Tamil and Malayalam humour.

American humour is the Goundamani/Senthil humour while British humour is more akin to Mohanlal/Srinivasan. The difference between crass and subtle, incorporated and perceived, contrived and natural.

There is no judgement as I enjoy both styles, with a slight bent for the British humour.

Community, Arrested Development and a great many other comedy disasters (in the American TV context) are American shows touting British humour. Hence the short lived successes that gain a small ardent followers. Their very (limited) success has to be attributed to the intense globalization and increased viewership of global programs and agents of mass broadcasting – a la – Twitter/Youtube.

Their tragic demise is the reason that I continue to support my content providers – Netflix, Hulu +, Amazon Video. Their mission is to improve selection, so that they can cater to every type of subscriber. And program consumption will take another revolution with the advent of truly personal recommendation from around the globe.

And I for one, cannot wait.