On the lookout for good talent…

If anyone is interested in working with me on an idea of mine, please pass me a holler. I am looking for someone who has an aptitude to get things done…


+ Solid web development knowledge
+ Preferably wide open-source knowledge
+ Preferably with wide products base (you must have at least 2 website designs/back ends to your name)
+ Must be aware of the various ways to get rapid development done.
+ Designing ability would be an added plus

+ Excellent communication skills (should be able to understand me well…)
+ Must be interested in finishing things
+ Must have proven ability to put ideas into code…

+ Must *NOT* be a morose person

I would prefer someone from Bangalore. However, the location really is not an issue as long as you would be accessible online during scheduled meetings or otherwise via phone. I would prefer someone who has no issues with their place of work, if they are working currently.

The fees is negotiable within limits and I will be aiding you with the development as well. Please post a comment in this section if you are interested. The opening will be available till the end of February 2008.