Apple: “…and one day we will enter India,…”

Apple COO Tim Cook was quoted by Reuters at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting

We will enter Asia with the iPhone in 2008… we will one day enter China, we’re not saying when, and we will one day enter India

When _is_ that day? We are already nearing one year since the release of iPhone and there is not even a whisper in India. When you contact the local retailers of Apple hardware, all you get is 8-10 months more. *Sigh*. You disappoint me Mr Jobs.

India gets everything late, new line of laptops enter as late as 3-4 months (that’s a quarter :-P) and iPods a couple of months. Why this ill treatment? Aren’t there enough Mac faithful in any other country? I am trying to dig up some numbers for the number of Mac users in the country. Well, when we join together, with the typical clamor that Indians are known for, we will be a force to reckon with ;-D!

Anyhoo, here goes the open request for any Mac faithful / Apple faithful in India. If you own/rent/lease Apple hardware, put in a comment. We can decide how we can get the iPhone in India.

On the lookout for good talent…

If anyone is interested in working with me on an idea of mine, please pass me a holler. I am looking for someone who has an aptitude to get things done…


+ Solid web development knowledge
+ Preferably wide open-source knowledge
+ Preferably with wide products base (you must have at least 2 website designs/back ends to your name)
+ Must be aware of the various ways to get rapid development done.
+ Designing ability would be an added plus

+ Excellent communication skills (should be able to understand me well…)
+ Must be interested in finishing things
+ Must have proven ability to put ideas into code…

+ Must *NOT* be a morose person

I would prefer someone from Bangalore. However, the location really is not an issue as long as you would be accessible online during scheduled meetings or otherwise via phone. I would prefer someone who has no issues with their place of work, if they are working currently.

The fees is negotiable within limits and I will be aiding you with the development as well. Please post a comment in this section if you are interested. The opening will be available till the end of February 2008.